SmartWater® Forensic
Spray Systems

Preventing burglary and robbery
through forensic traceability

SmartWater® forensic spray systems are highly adaptable and can be seamlessly integrated into the client’s existing security setup. Whether triggered by an alarm, PIR or even remotely via a smartwatch or pendant carried by in-store staff – the SmartWater forensic spray system can be adapted to suit your requirements, whilst at the same time providing Police with the forensic evidence needed to make an arrest and secure a conviction.

SmartWater forensic spray systems can be used in a range of installation scenarios, whether concealed in an ATM, fitted above an entrance or protecting the rear of a lorry. SmartWater systems can be installed by technicians using our free eLearning platform.

With 98% of  SmartWater clients suffering no attacks in 2018 – the SmartWater® brand is first and foremost, a powerful deterrent.

This is due to the fact that it is the SmartWater brand that deters criminals, as they are aware of the potential consequences to them and that SmartWater retains a 100% conviction rate in Court when used as evidence.

In the unlikely event a determined offender proceeds to enter a protected location, the SmartWater forensic spray system will activate via an external trigger, spraying the offender with SmartWater forensic liquid.

This forensic liquid contains a unique forensic fingerprint that links both the offender and stolen items back to the crime scene.

The liquid is invisible to the naked eye, but glows SmartWater’s trademark bright yellow-green under UV light, which is how it is detected by the thousands of Police officers trained to look for SmartWater.

SmartWater forensic liquid is near impossible to remove and will remain on skin and hair for weeks, even with frequent washing.

As the offender(s) makes their departure, they will also likely leave additional evidence in the form of SmartWater handprints and footprints at the scene.


Potentially dangerous criminals are either deterred or forensically sprayed, limiting the chances of an altercation with staff or customers, creating a safer working and store environment.


In a time of limited police resources, only priority incidents now secure a police response, leaving many robberies and burglaries uninvestigated. SmartWater® provides irrefutable forensic trace evidence, placing the offender at the crime scene, meaning a much greater chance of conviction.

This means the Client will be a higher priority than a premises not protected by SmartWater because the Police know they are far more likely to catch the culprits – good news for the Police and reassuring for the Client.

Should arrests be made, SmartWater scientists will analyse traces of SmartWater found on suspects and stolen property at no extra cost to the Police and if necessary, attend Court to help secure conviction.

  • ATM
  • Cargo
  • Fog (Retro-fit)
  • Fog (Linked)
  • Shopfront (Dual)
  • Standalone
  • Tech Counter (Cable)
  • Till Drawer (Clip)

ATM Motion Sensor

SmartWater® Motion Sensor System is a standalone, single-use, forensic spray system that can be installed discretely into an ATM.

Sprays contents with SmartWater® forensic liquid
if the ATM unit is ‘tilted’ by an angle greater than 10o.

Cargo Security

Sprays offenders with SmartWater® forensic liquid if they attempt to force entry into the rear of a loaded lorry or HGV.

Fog Cannon (Retro-fit)

A SmartWater® forensic spray system integrated into an existing Protect® Fog Cannon.

Hinders intruders whilst forensically marking them at the same time.

Fog Cannon (Linked)

Protect® security fog drives the offender towards an area targeted by the SmartWater® forensic spray system.

Shopfront Dual Nozzle

SmartWater® forensic spray system with dual nozzles that can protect either side of doorways or shopfronts like a ‘virtual’ roller shutter.

Standalone Forensic Spray System

SmartWater® forensic spray system covers offenders with a SmartWater® forensic liquid containing a unique forensic fingerprint, linking back to the crime scene.

Tech Counter
(Security Cable)

Sprays thieves with SmartWater® forensic liquid upon cutting of a security cable lock – used to secure valuable display items such as smartphones.

Till Drawer (Money Clip)

Sprays thieves with SmartWater® forensic liquid when both a ‘trigger’ note is pulled from a till drawer by a member of staff and a panic alarm is pressed.


  • Can be installed by any technician - free eLearning courses available.
  • Easy to arm / disarm and helps prevent accidental activations – both systems work via a single control panel.
  • No risk of gradual decompression (as in aerosol-based systems) and bottles can be stored with no negative effect.
  • There isn’t a more robust forensic liquid on the market than SmartWater – will withstand fire, sunlight and humidity.
  • SmartWater offer the only forensic spray system to hold Grade A Robustness under British Standards PAS820 – proven to last 5-years, even when used externally (the highest grade achievable).
  • SmartWater is the only forensic marking company whose products and services comply with the latest legal Codes of Practice* - products that do not comply risk being refused by the Courts as evidence.
  • Improves chance of a Police response.
  • SmartWater has been used to jail thousands of criminals to date and retains a 100% conviction rate in Court.
  • Can be tested without need to purchase test bottles or additional equipment.
  • Distinctive and controlled spray pattern – the angle and direction can be adjusted to target a defined area. This protects stock without marking it, and through the distinctive pattern alone, provides additional evidence.

*Forensic Science Regulator Codes of Practice Issue 4.0 – accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)

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